Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a listing of some commonly asked questions about Hohenfels Baptist Church…

  1. What should I expect if I attend a church service? –  At our Morning Service, starting at 10:30, we all gather together for worship.  The song, prayer request and announcement portion of our service lasts for about 20 – 30 minutes, while the remainder of the time is spent listening to Bible preaching.  Our service last approximately an hour.  We also have a special service for our children, called, “Children’s Church,” during the 10:30 hour.
  2. Is it okay to bring my children into the Worship service? – Yes, this is not a problem.  Some young children may find it difficult to leave their parents in an unfamiliar setting.  We hope that families who begin to attend our church will come to appreciate the value of their children developing close friendships with their peers in the context of their Sunday School class and our Children’s Church program.  We also have a nursery available for all our services.
  3. Do you have a Sunday School? – Yes. We have a Sunday School Class for “kids” of all ages.  Our Classes range from Nursery all the way to Adult.
  4. What type of music can I expect to hear? – We sing many of the traditional hymns and songs.  While I would not describe our music as formal, we do maintain a more conservative style of music.  We regularly sing songs such as; Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross, There is Power in the Blood, To God Be the Glory, etc.  We also enjoy special music as presented to the church by our church family.
  5. Is there a dress standard at your church? – There is no specific dress code for those attending our service.  We do however,  teach that our dress should honor the Lord and follow the Bible.
  6. How big is Hohenfels Baptist Church? – At the time of this writing, we have any where from 50 – 60 people who attend on Sunday morning.  Being a church comprised of primarily military individuals and families our numbers fluctuate as people PCS (Permanent Change of Station) in and out.
  7. What type of preaching will I hear?Preaching is the center of the worship service. We believe that a verse by verse (expository) preaching  is one of the most effective methods of teaching and preaching the Word of God.  Our prayer is that the preaching will touch the heart and meet the need of each person.
  8. Do you offer Bible Studies?  Yes.  We have several different Bible Study groups that meet throughout the week and each month.  Please see the “Bible Studies Page” under the, “About Us” tab for more information
  9. Do you have a teen program? – We do our best to offer a teen program when needed.  Because our military families come and go as they do, we often do not have teens attending.  Also, from time to time, we join our teens with German teens from a like minded German speaking church in the area.  Our church helped to start this German work some years ago.
  10. How long has Hohenfels Baptist Church existed? – Hohenfels Baptist Church was started in January 2000 by John Radank.  Bro. Radank and his family retired from the US Army in 1996.  They currently live in an apartment which is located in the church building.  They are very easy to get a hold of… just come by the church.
  11. Who leads the church? – While we believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is the head of our church, we realize God has given us a pastor to lead us.  He is assisted by the deacons of the church.
  12. Where did the pastor receive his training for the ministry? – While still in the Army, Pastor Radank completed several extension college courses on a variety of Bible Books, Bible Doctrine and Theology.  For over 5 years before leaving to come to the mission field, he received extensive instruction in church ministries and church government from his pastor who, “Took him under his wing” and gave him on the job training.  Pastor Radank was approved and ordained into the ministry by Watertown Baptist Temple, Watertown, New York, in 1996.