Meet Our Team

John & Rose Radank

Meet the Radank Family…

John grew up in Milwaukee Wisconsin and joined the Army in 1975.  After his first tour of duty at Ft. Benning, Ga. he was assigned to Germany where he met Rose.  Rose grew up in Ohio and enlisted in the Army in 1978.  They were married in 1979. Shortly after they were married, Rose elected to get out of the Army and become a full time wife and Home Schooling Mom.

In 1996 they retired from the Army after spending 3 tours of duty in Germany, several in the US and many deployments including the first Gulf war and Haiti.  Just 1 year later the Lord moved them to Germany as Missionaries.  They began their missionary service by attending German language school and assisting 2 German missionary churches, one in Ansbach and the other in Nurnberg.

Around the middle of 1999 John was approached by a fellow missionary who saw the need of starting a church to the military in Hohenfels.  After much prayer, the Radank’s moved to Hohenfels and conducted the first service of Hohenfels Baptist Church in January 2000.  The church first met in their living room.

John and Rose have one son, Robert (Bob).  About 1 1/2 years after helping his mom and dad get the church going Bob went back to the States to attend college.  While at college Bob met and married Kelly Chamberlain.  After completing college with a Masters of Missions Degree, from Crown College of the Bible, they returned to Germany also as missionaries.  On arriving in Germany, Bob and Kelly began studying German while they  prepared to minister to the German speaking people.  In March 2015, a new church in the Regensberg area was started under their leadership, where Bob is now the Pastor. You can check out the church website at:  Bob and Kelly have two sons; Jackson (8), and Grant who was born here in Germany in March, 2012.  They both call John and Rose, Opa & Oma, German for Grandpa and Grandma.  Opa and Oma think being grandparents is the best job in the whole world!!!