New to Hohenfels


Here are some helpful links that we hope will help to make your move to the Hohenfels Community easier.  Please check back often. We plan to keep this page as up-to-date as possible.


When you list sites, like we are here, you need a Disclaimer:  It goes without saying that we are in no way benefiting from any website or organization listed here. We merely put them here for your information.  If you notice anything that would be displeasing to our Savior or receive any pressure to use anything listed on a site, please let us know and we will remove the site immediately.  Thank You!


Web Sites:

JMRC website

BooKoo – an online yard sale site

Housing website (Hohenfels)

Phone Numbers:

The Sunrise Lodge – Army Lodging on Hohenfels:  from the States… 011 49 9472-83-1700   From Germany…  09472-83-1700

JMRC Hohenfels Phone Book



If you have ideas for adding things to this page, please let us know!